Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is the moment that you leave childhood and enter adulthood? (Guest post by Catherine Gildiner, author of After the Falls)

There is not one defining moment I left childhood behind. It happened gradually and quite ungracefully. Instead it was halting, coming in spurts and stutters. I am not proud to admit but, I even encountered a few complete reversals. Adulthood has been achieved in small increments, one hard fought victory after another. In some ways I am still in process.
Every time I do what I need to do instead of what someone else thinks I should do, every time I have made a decision that is neither easy or pleasant, every time I admit my mistakes and learn from them, when I control my temper, or, allow it to flare when necessary, every time I have thought for myself, when I take responsibility for my own life, challenge myself, exercise self-control, when I stand up for what is right even if it is unpopular, and mostly, for me; when I chose to simply be who I am and not who others wanted me to be, that is when I become, or became, an adult.

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