Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20: What are the top five websites you'd hate to live without?

1. Pinterest I can't explain how fun, cool and radically awesome this site is, I could sit all day and pin stuff. Amazing recipes too.  Mmm. 

2. Kobo Books I got an e-reader, a kobo, for Christmas last year, and this is where I download books.  I love it, much cheaper than buying the book too.  I am an e-reader convert.  Yes, I still like "real books" but it's nice being able to have so many with me at all times.

3. Your Next Read again here great book site.  Put in the name of a book you liked, and it will generate a list of books you should read next.  Not that I ever am at a loss for books to read, it's just really fun to play around with.

4. Word Press Blogging platform, I have a blog there, I love it, great in-depth blogging tools.  Super nice. Free too.

5. Stumble Upon Have an extra free 8 hours or so?  Try this site, you will be sucked right in, and you will be amazed at all the cool and fantastic sites you will find!!  I these cool websites on Stumble Upon: SNL Archives, My Child WILL embarrass you in the bathroom (made me giggle!), and this great Journal Writing Prompts site.  Stumble Upon, totally addictive. 

There, now go get addicted!  :-) 

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