Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1: What's Your Favourite Part About Writing

I am far from what I would call a good writer, my sister has far better talent at it.
I sit down to write and wish I had paid better attention in High School English, I enjoyed the book studies far more, after all it was less work to escape into a book rather then to have to pick my brain to get some words on paper.
I get distracted easily, I lack continuity. I lack grammar skills, lets face it, any self respecting English professor could rip anything I write to shreds, I can really butcher it up at times.

Yet, I want to write more.  I have more to say.  I no longer care what the judgemental English Professor voice that lives in my head says.  I try to get it out, on the proverbial "paper" any way I can.

So my favourite (yes with a "u"-- and I admit, the American in me flinches each time I write it that way) part about writing is, I feel like when I write something, that has feeling, or depth to it, I write it and I've made it real, (no I don't write novels so of course it's real) I've put it into words.  I've made it more then just a feeling or a thought in my head.  I've pushed it out, it's there, somebody else can read it, maybe understand where I'm coming from, or where I'm going.

It has also, given me a voice.  I've spoken up.  Instead of keeping it inside.  I'm not stuffing it any longer.

Once I start writing a crazy thing happens, it's like my brain is engaged in drive, and I want to make the best of that drive.  I have to keep going back, changing, fixing, after I've written and posted, I have to keep going back, reading it over, making it better.

I also love the challenge that writing brings.  Yes, a lot is lost in writing, voice inflection, facial expression, that list is long.  I find it more of a challenge to have to try and get more across, I fail sometimes, but sometimes I can hit the mark.

I love that.  I'm slowly adding writing to one of my top 5 favourite things to spend my time doing.  I'm excited to see where writing can take me.

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