Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here is $1000. Spend it in the next hour or lose it. No online shopping allowed.

No online shopping allowed??? Do you know where I live? There is no other shopping available in my town! I could drive to the "big city", but it is over 100 miles away and there goes my hour.
There is only one sensible thing left to do. Groceries. Thank goodness there is at least a grocery store in town. You know the sad thing though? $1000 isn't going to get me a whole lot. Please tell me I am not the only one who spends nearly $500 a month on food. In fact, groceries is the biggest bill we have each month after our mortgage. And let me tell you, our mortgage really isn't that far ahead.
I am taking my $1000 down to Albertson's and loading up the carts. I sure hope George is working tonight because I am not going to feel like hauling those carts out to the car on my own. It is only 25 degrees after all. I know that he makes some of the women in town uncomfortable, but I like him. The man escorts me and my cart to the car, opens my door for me, then loads my groceries into my car while I sit on my butt. What is not to like? I didn't even get that kind of service from my husband when we were dating.
$1000 is only going to get me about two months worth of food and supplies. Two months, it is a little depressing. I think I will cheer myself up by online shopping with all the money I will save not having to buy groceries for the next 60 days.

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