Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12: Will you attend your high school reunion? Why or why not?

Well, I'm coming up on my 25th High School Reunion, Class of 1988.  Two years from now, I could be partying like it's 1999, or in my case, 1988...

No, probably not.  I seriously would probably not go. 

I went to my 10th reunion.  Which was LAME, my husband hated every moment and never failed to tell me how much it sucked. 

Looking back at the whole thing, yes it did suck.  Basically I think we should have had stats sheets on one another, the main questions were:

1. Where'd you end up?
2. Are you married? To whom?
3. How many puppies have you popped out?  Or managed to breed? (they even gave out awards to people who had the most kids-- one nerdy guy won, he had 6 kids, nobody saw that one coming.)
4. What do you do for a living? 

We should have all sent in our questionnaires, instead of even showing up to the party.  It would have saved time, and possible embarrassment, for those of us who had gained a lot of weight. 

Everyone at my 10th High School Reunion was wasted, and dancing to 80's songs.  And all of our spouses were back at the tables, mocking us. 

No stellar memories.  Nope. 

The 20th Reunion, I did not attend.  Somebody sent me some pictures, I was glad I did not go, it looked lamer than the 10th. 

Due to the wonders of social media, I can now see what all of my friends in high school are now up to.  I have (before I deactivated my account, about 3 weeks ago, I'm taking a break) about 60 friends that I went to High School with as my Facebook friends. 
I notice some odd trends going on with people I once went to High School I can group them in loose catagories,

1. Those who are having mid-life crises, who post pictures of their new red convertibles, their new "trophy" wives or girlfriends (around age 22-- whom they are old enough to be those girls' fathers), and I must say, those guys who do that, are always bald.  It's a strange phenomena. I have an ex- that fits into this category, and I have really had some comedic moments over that one. I'll just say, I'm really glad I did not marry him, or I'd have some serious issues right now.

2. People who were the worst stoners, and heavy drug users, I mean, heavy duty, stoned, the entire time at High School, they seem to all have now found religion.  The biggest stoner in my High School Class, is has become a Pastor, he has sent all of us personal messages as to how changed he is, and how we should repent or burn.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm just saying what a weird turn of events.  I did not ever see that one coming. 

3. Women I went to High School with that put off having kids, and whom are now 40-41 years old and just having their first kid.  There is an endless stream, of status messages about potty training, and what to do if little Daisy is having a temper tantrum... I get they put off kids, but quite frankly, I am tired of hearing about it.  I simply want answers on how to deal with snotty teenagers.  I'm glad I won't have to deal with teens when I'm in my 50's. 

Also, I wonder, why should I make an effort to get to a party to celebrate 25 years since High School, if all I have to do to see what they ate for breakfast, or where they last vacationed, or how depressed they seem to be, is check out Facebook. 

So no, probably not.  I'd rather go anywhere else.  I'd have more fun.

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