Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do you spend Thanksgiving Day alone or with others? How would you prefer to spend it?

Let's face it, Thanksgiving is Christmas' red-headed step-child, it exists in the shadows, condemned to always play second fiddle. And of course there is now Black Friday, also jockeying for top spot and further reducing Thanksgiving's importance. It seems as though Thanksgiving has been forgotten, trampled over in fact, as everyone rushes to be first in line for the $99 flat screens at Wal Mart. Apparently Thanksgiving doesn't hold any clout since it doesn't equal dollar signs for retailers.
But I appreciate Thanksgiving, it is beautiful in its simplicity. It is a holiday with no pressure involved and very little effort required. (Especially if you opt for ham like I did this year!) Thanksgiving's main selling feature is that it is a holiday devoted to nothing but sitting around with your family and friends basking in their presence. A time to enjoy being with those you love. Thanksgiving is meant to be shared. Without friends and family it would be just another meal on another Thursday.

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