Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

Computer all the way.

I'm unsure I even know how to write with a pen any longer.   Anything other than my signature or initials that is.
I've gotten so bad, my hand starts to cramp up if I should have to write with a pen for more than a couple of sentences.

Is handwriting going the way of the typewriter?  Something from the past?

The last actual letter I wrote was a heartfelt one to my sister.  I wrote it with my hand.
All I can say is if you get a letter from me written with my now, scrawly, unused  left hand (it's starting to atrophy-- since I hardly ever use those muscles for writing any longer.) It's really something, all I can say is, take a good look, because you may never see any hand written thing from me again. Unless some sort of a computer apocalypse occurs and we are forced to write the old fashioned way.

Other than that I have not actually "written" anything with a pen, (other than my obligatory signature, or to scrawl out a few items for a grocery list) in about six months. 

Kinda pathetic. Will they even teach writing to future generations?  Or will we just have a font of our own handwriting on our computers?  I see they have programs where a person can get their handwriting in a font.  Would that actually make people think I had really written to them? 

Hmm, I wonder.

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