Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23: Do you spend Thanksgiving day alone or with others? How would prefer to spend it?

It's not Thanksgiving outside of the USA, to the rest of the world tomorrow is know as none other than.... THURSDAY.
Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving, on the second Monday of each October.  So we had ours already.
But I would be lying if I did not say that I feel a bit down on American Thanksgiving each year.  I miss it.  I did grow up in the USA, and remembering Thanksgivings seems somewhat sentimental, and long ago.
But for Thanksgiving this year, about 6 weeks ago, we had some friends over and I made the spread.  It was nice.
We usually do not spend Thanksgiving alone.  By alone, I somehow picture alone alone, as in I never am alone, it seems someone is always with me, thanks to the wonders of home business sigh. I could use a bit of time alone, to maybe have a thought.
But I digress...
It would be fun to do American Thanksgiving again, I'd love to spend it with my sister and her family someday.  Yet, I'm not sure how we could ever swing this, as it's the crazy busy time of Hockey season, and the roads are generally, horrible. 
But for now, I can be found at the hockey rink, wrapping t-shirts around Gatorade bottles with Christmas ribbon, all for my sons tournament that is coming up this weekend.
I would prefer, not to  spend Thanksgiving at the hockey rink, but that's my life all weekend long.

I'm thinking of my loved ones in the USA though, please know, I'm thankful for each one of you.

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