Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?

Food.  I love to eat.  I need to eat less.  But I suppose, it's my last meal, I'll eat anything I want.  Who cares about a heart attack from too much sodium, or a diabetic coma, It's my freaking last meal, I hope I have like an entire day to eat it.  Or is it that I die at the end from eating so much? 

My sister and I have extremely similar tastes.  Call it what you will nature I guess-- in our case.

My first course would be Mexican food, I adore Mexican food.  Fish tacos,

then several of those jalapeno poppers, a vat of guacamole on the side.  I discovered tamales this summer, oh wow, delish.  How was it that I had never had tamales? Fresh salsa-- oh yes. Bring on the nachos too.  After all, we are Mexican, (despite popular family myth) the Mexican food is in our blood.   Don't tell me I'm Spanish... Spanish food would never do. What do the Spanish eat anyhow?  That's right, I don't really care... I'm channeling Guadlupita.

I can't leave out what I would choose to drink.  I'm a wine nut, I love it.  Lately, I'm into red wine. I've gotten away from the sweet wines.  I'd have to have a nice bottle of Syrah.  No Margaritas for me, too sweet. I could also handle a few vodka shots I'm sure.  Oh yeah, and a Martini, straight up, extra olives. Oh and Some Vodka Sweet T, oh yes.  Or some nice tequila to sip on. Who cares if I'm wasted, this is my last meal after all.   Maybe it will make my death less painful. 

Second course would take me to the Olive Garden (I'm honestly not trying to copy what my sister wrote, she had to have known this post would be so alike hers.) Two words here, Chicken Parmesan. Also the Bruschetta, I do enjoy tomatoes in small doses.  Then some shrimp, bring on the shrimp with Alfredo sauce.  Mmm, more wine?  Yes Please.  Are you sure we are not part Italian too? 

I forgot to mention, all that I eat at my last meal must have generous amounts of Sriracha Sauce on it as I feel a meal is just not worth eating with out the Sriracha sauce. 

Desert?  Now, really I am not much of a sweet girl.  But I have a serious weakness for frosted sugar cookies, with any color frosting.  I'd take a few sugar cookies.  I'd also take a large bowl of Mexican Flan, my absolute favorite.

I guess I can now die happy, I've now successfully done myself in with all this delicious food.

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