Monday, November 28, 2011

What are the three things you enjoy most about the winter season? What three things do you dislike?

All around my town, as far as you can see in every direction, the prairie is tinged with frost. The Rockies loom in the west, towering, white pillars of majestic beauty. Every morning when I walk I hear nothing but the sound of my own breathing.

There is no pressing agenda, no trips to plan, no events to rush off to. It is the perfect time of year to read multiple books without the guilty feeling that I should be doing something else.

Sweaters, hats, mittens, Bogs, blankets on the couch, heated seats in the car, hot tea, smells of cinnamon & vanilla, all contribute to the overall sensation of being cozy.

My girls marvel at the falling snow, rejoicing as each flake falls. Snow equals happy memories for my kids.

The puddles our boots leave on the kitchen floor drive me batty.

The gas bill is disheartening.

Forgetting to unplug my car & dragging the extension cord down the driveway can get annoying.

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