Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21: Name a totally useless posession and how you came to accquire it.

Well today we have decided to skip the Ricki Lake dribble and post on something that is really deep (you know compared to Ms. Lake) all that and no smug attitude! 

At my house, we own several totally useless possessions. Now, the putting the words "totally useless" onto this object in my home, is quite a subjective phrase. 

Totally Useless
As in, not all the residents in my home view this item as totally useless.  (As in my husband, who in an imaginary world, he is a body builder). 

He acquired this item a few years ago, from a co-worker.  If I remember it correctly, that co-workers wife was delighted to unload this "totally useless" item off, on my husband.

He moved this item in, with great intentions.  He would get buff, our sons would also be strong little men running about the house. 

Sadly, that was not to be.  It has now been reduced into that of a hanger for wet snow pants, and a divider between hockey bags and the treadmill. 

I mentioned to my husband, that this would be a great, "trash to treasure" item, to unload onto another unsuspecting victim husband under the guise of fitness.

If my husband ever goes anywhere for more than a day, and the weather is nice at my house, the kids and I are going to drag this thing out to the end of the drive way and afix a "FREE" sign to the whole works.

Yet, I guess that will mean we have no more hanger for wet snow pants. 

Maybe I will become a body builder??

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