Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6: Share your latest book recommendation & Is the book always better than the movie? Any exceptions?

My latest book recommendation is The Marriage Plot By Jeffery Eugenides.  I waited in great anticipation for this book to be released. 
I had about a year ago, read Mr. Eugenides book Middlesex which I completely loved.  The depth of the characters in Middlesex was truly amazing.  I can't say enough nice things, or recommend a book  more than Middlesex.

The Marriage plot I liked very much.  I felt it gave a very accurate portrait of what it must be like to love someone, lost in mental illness. Wanting so bad for them to be just normal, yet, not meeting up to that, not being to love the person better.

The three main characters in this book are Madeline, Leonard, and  Mitchell.  It's a love triangle, with mental illness mixed in. 

I felt again, that this book had tremendously well developed characters, and had depth.  Mr. Eugenides is a terrific writer.  I just wish he would write a little faster, as 8 years between books is a long time. 

The Marriage Plot is a good read.  I recommend it.  It is a divergence from the normal everyday "fluffy" books.  I'm sick of fluff.  I vow never to read another Nicholas Sparks book as long as I live.

Now to the burning question of the day...

Is the book always better than the movie?

I'm a book snob, I will never deny that.  I have trouble seeing the movie of a book I have loved.  Somehow I feel it crushes my imagination of how I pictured things in the book actually being. For example the Harry Potter books I adored, I loved  Hogwarts, and the moving staircases, every single thing about those books I love.
The movies however I felt made the books feel a bit less, like the book was easy to condense into a 2 hour movie, meant to entertain.  It disappointed me.

Yes in my honest humble opinion, the book is always better than the movie.

Yet, the second part to today's burning question is this...

Any Exceptions...? 

Ok I will admit, sometimes there are a few exceptions.  But I most always try to read the book first.

The Epic Lord of the Rings in my opinion.  I found the books really a tough slog through.  Maybe I was not smart enough, but I found them pretty tough to follow.  Tedious reading for me anyhow.
But the movies were a joy to see (with the exception of The Two Towers, which lets face it, were pretty dark and depressing-- I simply did not like The Two Towers, be it either the book or the movie).
Seeing the movies, was easy compared to reading these books.  Keep in mind, for me the movies were better.  I am not trying to upset the loyal Tolkien followers.  Don't hate me for saying it. 

Another book made into a movie that I liked the movie more that was out recently is the movie The Help.  I liked very much the book The Help.  I thought it was great.
I saw the movie, and (again my opinion) I loved the movie more than the book, it gave much more life to the book.  The movie seemed to communicate some feeling, or essence that the book did not fully get across to the reader.
I can't wait to buy the DVD.  And I rarely buy the DVD.

I would also say the book and movie, The Secret Life of Bees, I loved that movie better than the book as well.  For some of the same reasons I stated about The Help. 

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