Friday, November 11, 2011

It is 11/11/11, make three wishes.

I could wish for an end to suffering, a miraculous cure for incurable disease, and world peace but that is naive, sappy, and hopelessly unrealistic.
I could wish for millions of dollars, the perfect figure, and thick gorgeous hair but I would not be fulfilled, only materialistic, shallow, and self absorbed.
I could wish for a way to right all my wrongs, change my past, and recover my missed opportunities, but what havoc would that wreak on who I now am?
I could wish for a house full of books, a never ceasing supply of time, and a cozy couch, but those desires would soon run their course and I would have wasted a grand opportunity.
I could wish for power, strength, and immortality, but it would be a very lonely existence.
I could wish for love, joy, and contentment, but I already have those things, when I am not taking them for granted.
I could wish for adventure, travel, and excitement, but such things don't suit me well for the long term.
All I can think about is the inevitable let down when the wishes are gone, the longing to have made a different choice, the crushing realization, in hindsight, of what should have been wished, the dissatisfaction when the wished for fails to deliver the intended results.
I think I will pass on the three wishes. Unless of course I can wish for more wishes.

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