Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Make a list of the things you want to do before the end of the year.

Make a list of the things you want to do before the end of the year:

1. Get through Christmas feeling no guilt or pain.  I do have a happy family, I really do. Honestly, some folks we are better off not spending time with. We are simply enough. I need to stop being so hard on myself about this.  It is ok, that some people are missing from my life.  That is simply the way it is, and we are all ok,  probably better for leaving the toxic people behind. 

2. I want to determine to enjoy the season, not stress out about it.  Not feel anxiety when my sons say, to me, I want this __________ ($100 dollar item, times 5 times 3 kids, nope, sorry guys, not likely)!! I want to say, that's not what Christmas is for.  Enjoy Christmas for what it is, not for getting, gimmie, grab.  I need to realize and show, that life is not about the STUFF. 

3. I want to make a list out of every thing I want to cook over the holidays, I want to not have that wild panic, worrying about what to make, and if I have the right ingredients on hand. I need to get organized well ahead of the game.

4. Read more.

5. Make up with my treadmill.  He is quite angry with me, as I have made him into something he is not, a coat hanger and a rest of the hockey bags.  I promise to make it up to you dear Mr. Treadmill. I need you in my life.

6. Blog more. As I realize writing is great fun.

7. Have a Christmas party, and games night.  I need to welcome being social, for me that is a challenge. I tend towards being downright anti-social. 

8. Unclutter my downstairs storage room. And throw out old junk. 

9. Give some of my time (and money) to help somebody who needs some help, I'm looking for an opportunity.

10. Be thankful all the time, for the ones I have, and the ones I love.  I don't always remember to be thankful for this.

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